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Nicole + Ben Clouser

Hubby and Wifey - Photo / Video Duo




My name is Nicole, I've been doing wedding and portrait photography for 7 years. In 2020, my husband Ben and I got married and now work together photographing weddings. He's been such a blessing, we work together so well and we love getting to work with such great clients!

We live in the Berkshire's of Massachusetts. While we adore where we live, we love to travel. We both enjoy creative projects even outside of photography. When we're not photographing you and your loved ones, you might catch me cooking, hiking or involved in volunteer work. You'd find Ben outdoing me in all those things or spending time on his woodworking. Like most people, we've both worked in a variety of jobs and it's really helped us appreciate and know how to best support our clients!

Capturing weddings is such an incredible privilege. We love to capture not only those big moments but the smaller special things. Quite often we are so overwhelmed and overstimulated by our surroundings that we can't appreciate everything in that one instant. 

Therefore we strive to find those moments in time that tell the whole story, so when you and your loved ones have more time you can reminisce over the occasion later. That's why we love to photograph, all those little moments that will last a lifetime.

Leave it to us to continue Capturinglilmoments in your life!

-Nicole & Ben

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